Hi! I’m Hema Damani, a ‘young’ middle aged home-maker from India. Have been married for 21 years now so have lasted the seven year itch three times over.

Some things that make me…ME

1. I have 32 sweet teeth and I wish that sweets and desserts formed the base of the food pyramid(to be consumed the most)

2. I love telling stories to kids.

3. I can read anything- even the local directory, if i don’t have a book within arm reach distance.

4. Have made a bucket list but I only announce to the world the items I tick off from the list. So far the items checked off   are–

*take dance lessons

*Go rock climbing

*Go white river rafting

* Start  a blog

This blog is the result of a lot of pushing and shoving from my family and friends so if you don’t like what you read, Blame THEM

The credits , however,  for this blog are as follows–

My darling daughter(she’s 17 going on ‘to being my mom’)- For threatening me with dire consequences if I didn’t start

My adorable husband- For nagging me constantly(its kinda role reversal here)

My amazing family- For thinking the world of my writings…

My wonderful friends- For being kind enough to read all my scribbles patiently and egg me on…

So here I am, writing what I see around me or something that touches me or sparks my feelings. And that can be anything. Sometimes on serious issues and sometimes downright mundane, everyday events. What’s written here are strictly my views and thoughts. And all are welcome to put in their views and opinions…

signing off…


54 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there!
    Another Indian! Cute introduction about you!
    Well here i am a new comer. you might like to check on my blog too, at shrutitrivedi.wordpress.com.
    Well, anyway, pleased to be acquainted. (i just caught your blog somehow. even i am not sure how!)

  2. Hi Hema – its wonderful to meet you in the blogosphere! I’ve enjoyed perusing and will continue to visit : ) Thanks for following mine as well.

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  4. Awesome !! Two days and I bumped into five new Indian writers on the blogosphere 🙂
    More than you, your daughter catches my attention here, wondering how she would have pestered you into writing this blog (I say that coz my own girl is kinda the same, just 10 though)

    A truthful introduction and a beautiful blog…….:)

  5. I don’t know how many teeth I have, but they’re definitely all sweet. Good idea about announcing the items on your list only after accomplishing them — that way you get congratulations instead of discouragement.

    Keep writing!

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  7. Hi Hema , you don’t look like you have been married like for 21 years! well, you look quite young! Loved your intro!

  8. Dear Hema Damani! I am so happy I found your blog! The biggest excitement I got reading about Mahatma Gandhi. I just finished a book about his life and I was searching for some pictures with him and Tagore. And I found it on your page 🙂
    I really enjoyed your posts about India. Thank you so much! You made my day!

    • Thank YOU so much!! I’m glad that you found something on my blog that you enjoyed!! YOU have made MY day!! 🙂 I just try to post about India so that people may know better. We all usually have an idea of a country, which may not be entirely true or even the whole idea, but thanks to this media I can share my country with others. God knows, I’ve learnt so much about other countries and cultures. 🙂

  9. hello.. thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the follow.. I have been looking at your blog and like it very much. I look forward to your new posts.

  10. Hi Hema, thanks for following my blog! Your blog has great articles about places on my list, I’m sure I’ll be dropping by often 🙂
    & btw, you sure don’t look like you have a 17-yr old kid!

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