This time it’s a DIY post. As I mention earlier here, my home (the living, dining area) was undergoing a complete makeover. I’m glad and happy to announce that the work is finally over. All the agencies have moved out of my home and it now once again belongs to me. I can once again do what I want to, eat where I want to, sleep when I want to. But I also had some amazing, and sometimes eye opening experiences during this period. Now coming back to the DIY project.

I was looking for a simple yet interesting frame for the mirror that would go at my wash space above the basin. I checked out quite a few home décor stores here. Most I saw were not what I had in mind. A few that I did like were either too big or too small or too expensive. At one store I saw something I liked and realized that maybe I could make it myself. As the carpenters were still working at home I had all the required material at my disposal, so finally came up with this ‘best out of waste’ frame for the mirror.

To begin with I asked the carpenters to make a simple wooden frame the size of the mirror, which they did.


The carpenters had used some pieces of wood roughly cut into squares or rectangles to keep the formica in place while the glue dried. They had kept aside all these pieces to be thrown away later. I asked them to hand over those pieces to me which they did willingly but were also curious as to what could I need those useless pieces of wood for.


The next was to arrange these pieces of wood and then glue them on to the frame.


After the glue dried up and the pieces were firmly in place, the final touch had to be given. I was divided between giving it a dark polish or to paint it. Finally I went with painting it dark brown which also went with the scheme. Also, I left the pieces rough, which if one wishes can be sand papered to smoothness. Once dry, my carpenter, much amazed at what had been done, happily fixed the mirror in the frame, on the wall above the basin. This is what the finished product looks like-


And the complete view


Feels really good when something is created by you. A time well spent.