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Another year comes to an end. It’s at times like this when you look back it seems as if time has moved on fast forward.  It seems as if it was just yesterday when we’d welcomed 2011.  So many things happened last year; Some routine and some for the first time; Some people surprised me and  at times I surprised myself; made some great new friends and reconnected with some old ones. Took up some activities that I knew gave me joy and discovered some new ones that I can make me equally happy. All in all I would say it was a year that I can store away in the ‘happy closet’ of my memory.  So thanking God I try to make a list of all things important in the year passing by-

The year saw my daughter appear for her 10th board exams. I suddenly became the receiver of much sympathy from all quarters as if she was about to embark upon a war. People talked to me as if my life had come to a stand-still. ”awwww..daughter in 10th? Then you must not be watching T.V./ going out for movies/ dinner/just fun?”  In fact I wondered if I was playing with my daughter’s future when we did indulge in some recreation. But thank God!! Sense had prevailed and we all did watch T.V. and the movies and led a pretty normal life. And my daughter passed with flying colors. (A+) grades in all.

Then began the big hunt- a new school for her. She wanted to take up humanities (arts)… a faculty considered to be meant for the not so bright in this part of the world. The whole process and the people’s attitudes were a real eye-opener for me. The people’s reactions  ranged from confidence that as her dad is a doctor she would follow his footsteps and opt from science, to happy acceptance, to disbelief, to a polite silence with the eyes doing all the speaking. After a while I started enjoying telling people of her choice and then observing the reactions I got.

Come summer vacations and we planned a trip to Kashmir—a place we wanted to visit for a long time but couldn’t do so because of the unrest there. The first week of May was chosen for the trip and we with our friends embarked upon a much looked forward to vacation. But Barrack Obama nearly played the spoiler. He chose the very same week to hunt down Osama-bin-laden and dispose of him. The situation did get a bit tense or rather we got a bit worried and so did our families but we, without any hitch, concluded our trip. Kashmir is truly a ‘paradise on earth’.  No bullets or bombs can ever take away its beauty or its soul. The Kashmiris are beautiful people, trying to live without fear and with dignity after decades of being ravaged.

Some other worth mentioning events of 2011 for me are-

I finally got my car and got behind the wheel.

Took up my dance classes with my hubby once again and performed on stage.

Finally mustered up the courage to start blogging.

Did keep my resolution to read good books this year. Though I did not read as much as I would have liked to but managed a decent score.

Lessons I learnt this year….

Most of my fears were imaginary.

And when you tell yourself you have to do something you really can do it not matter what fear or mental block prevents you to do it. I’m still trying to put it to use for many of my fears and blocks.

Signing off now. Wishing a happy, healthy new year for my family and friends…welcome 2012.