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I loved “even with the best of intentions, people make mistakes” , in fact I loved the entire post. Your daughter is really lucky that she has such a wonderful mother to guide her. I’m taking some pointers myself, from what you’ve written here… inspiring!! 🙂

Mountains and Patterns

This week’s (almost gone) photo challenge was ‘Patterns‘ and A word a week challenge was ‘Mountains’.  Having spent the last few vacations in the mountains I have a whole horde of pictures of beautiful mountains and I decided to combine the two themes. SO here goes–

leh 166


leh 192


leh 196


leh 213












leh 357


leh 579

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

A very interesting challenge this week : Pattern. Patterns are everywhere around us. Nature shows off her patterns everywhere; in plants and in animals. Man created patterns, sometimes plagiarizing nature itself. Today I share with you two patterns that are an intricate part of our lives… or should I say our wardrobe.

These are two very famous styles of Tie-dye patterns of Rajasthan.

The first one is called the ‘Bandhani’ or ‘Bandhej’

IMG_0499A saree in this pattern is a must in every bride’s trousseau.

The second pattern is called ‘the Laheriya’. “Laher” in Hindi means waves and that’s how this print in tie-dye looks.

IMG_0496Sarees in this pattern is a favorite of women, specially during the festivals of the Monsoon(rainy) season.

Travel Theme: Dance

This week Ailsa’s theme: Dance. I was waiting for a theme like this, and got my wish.

Kathak is a well known classical dance form of north India. The word ‘Kathak’ is derived from Sanskrit word ‘katha’ which means ‘a story’ and ‘Kathaka’ means ‘one who tells a story’. There are three major schools or ‘gharanas’ of Kathak- the Jaipur Gharana, the Lukhnow Gharana and the Benaras Gharana.

My daughter has been learning Kathak (the Jaipur Gharana) since she was eight years old.


now more than ten years since she started, her course is near completion. One more year and she will get her final graduation degree in Kathak dance.


Recently she performed along with her fellow dancers for the regional branch of the national TV ‘Doordarshan’







and though this picture is a bit shaky, but it the typical Kathak movement, The Chakkars, or the Kathak pirouette.