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Travel Theme: Connections

Ailsa’s Challenge this week for the Travel theme is Connections. Currently I’m visiting my Mom-Dad at our native place. Yesterday my daughter took some pictures and looking at them I thought that this is what is meant by ‘connections’. Have fun!!

















It seems Darwin got it right…

Travel Theme: Architecture

Ailsa’s theme for this week is  Architecture and I very nearly missed it. For this theme I’ve chosen to showcase the architecture of the old city of Ahmedabad, or the ‘walled city’ as it is called because it lies within the walls of the old fort . The walls now hardly exist but efforts are being made to preserve the city within, as Heritage.  The unique thing about this part of the city is the ‘Pol’ system of housing.  People of a community or religion lived within a cluster of homes with a common central area and a gate or ‘pol’ that enclosed that particular colony. Of particular interest are the different types of architecture visible here, and the carved wooden brackets. The pols were self sufficient, as they had their own wells and rain water harvesting systems, a proper sewage system and their places of worship.

march 078


DSCN0567The old ( and the first) Swaminarayan temple

DSCN0568The temple gate





march 120cdold buildings with carved wooden balconies and brackets

march 130



march 195



march 203


march 225The old stock exchange building

Some wooden brackets













march 105A ‘chabutara’ or a bird feeder

Some doors

DSCN0635 DSCN0597 DSCN0605 DSCN0617 DSCN0630

Travel Theme: Peaceful

When I saw this last week’s travel theme, ‘Peaceful’ the pictures that came to my mind were those taken in Ladakh. I know, I’ve done a lot of posts with a lot of pictures from that place but I just can’t seem to get over that place. The pictures that I post here are taken during our visit to the Diksit monastery. The route, and the place itself made you feel at peace- with the world and with your self.

leh 467The white sand desert of Nubra valley in Ladakh.

leh 490The monastery is built into the slope of a hill, hence the climb..

leh 470The giant statue of Buddha on the hill opposite to the monastery..

leh 492The monks’ quarters

leh 491The bells

leh 503In deep contemplation!!

leh 513The Buddha!!

leh 544


P.S. have used some of these pictures in my earlier posts also but I thought they fit here just fine…

Travel Theme: Dance

This week Ailsa’s theme: Dance. I was waiting for a theme like this, and got my wish.

Kathak is a well known classical dance form of north India. The word ‘Kathak’ is derived from Sanskrit word ‘katha’ which means ‘a story’ and ‘Kathaka’ means ‘one who tells a story’. There are three major schools or ‘gharanas’ of Kathak- the Jaipur Gharana, the Lukhnow Gharana and the Benaras Gharana.

My daughter has been learning Kathak (the Jaipur Gharana) since she was eight years old.


now more than ten years since she started, her course is near completion. One more year and she will get her final graduation degree in Kathak dance.


Recently she performed along with her fellow dancers for the regional branch of the national TV ‘Doordarshan’







and though this picture is a bit shaky, but it the typical Kathak movement, The Chakkars, or the Kathak pirouette.

Travel Theme: Shadows

This week’s Travel theme by Ailsa is Shadows. I looked up a lot of pictures for this challenge but all I could find were either silhouettes, or reflections. Finally I found one that really fit the bill. This one was taken at Nubra Valley in Ladakh.  Nubra valley is a cold desert, and when we reached there a sand storm was brewing up. It was sunny but a lot of clouds flitted across the sky and cast their shadows on the mountains around us.




Weekly Travel Theme: Walls

The travel theme by Ailsa this week is ‘Walls’.The pictures here are from ‘Sarkhej Roza’ which is the Dargah(tomb) of the sufi saint Hazarat Sheikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh(1338-1446). It was with his blessings that Sultan Ahmed Shah laid the foundation of the city of Ahmedabad.

DSC_0205The latticed stone walls

DSC_0215cdA boy caught peeking..


DSC_0321Light filtering in through the lattices


words from the Quran on the walls of the mosque at the site..

Weekly Travel Theme: Up

This week’s Travel Theme is ‘Up’ . A couple of years back we visited the ‘Qutub Minar’ during a trip to Delhi. It is the tallest minaret of India with a height of 72.5 meters and made of red sand stone and marble. The base diameter is 14.3mts which narrows to 2.7mts at the last storey. It’s construction was started by ‘Qutud-ud-din Aibak’ in 1192 but was completed by ‘Illtutmish’. It is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Image