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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

When I saw this week’s challenge, I thought, “Oh! This is going to be fun! I have loads of pictures just right for this theme.” As I went through my pictures and others’ too, I realized how lucky I was that I could see the wonders and the beauty of this world, feel awed and inspired by them and enjoy them. But there are many who are deprived of experiencing this joy.

In India, it is estimated, there are 3.5 million cases of blindness with 30,000 new cases being added every year. Corneal blindness is the most common causes of blindness in India. The good part is that most such cases can regain their eyesight by corneal transplant, and the sad part is that not enough corneas are available to bring light and hope to these people. Lack of awareness about eye donation is a major hazard in this direction and even though a lot of effort is being made by the government and other agencies the situation is far from bright.

As a small contribution on my part, I pledged to donate my eyes a few years back and hope that someday I’ll bring Light into someone’s life.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Layer

For this challenge I travel back to the Himalayas. The mountains seem to be spread out layer after layer in shades and hues going from dark to light or vice-versa. The pictures here are of the Himalayas taken from different regions.

leh 842


leh 916


103_0426leh 172leh 194The pictures here are from the Ladakh region of the Himalayas. The mountains, rich in minerals but bare and devoid of vegetation.

kashmir beauty (158)A view of a  valley in Pahalgam, Kashmir as the sun sets and mist takes over.

kashmir beauty (205)hdThe white peaks of Kashmir

tea gardens...Now, layers of tea gardens in Darjeeling



DSC_0566Mountains in Skkim, the eastern side of the Himalayas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

I’d intended to do this post as such but when I saw this week’s challenge I thought that it would be appropriate to set it here. A little story first.

I remember, as a kid I loved to sit on my dad’s lap and ask him to draw me pictures of anything and everything that came to my mind. A bird, a house, an elephant, a tiger, a horse, I would demand and he would just pull a few lines on the paper and lo! it would be there. The tradition was carried on by my brother, and later by our children. Apart from that we never saw him indulge in any kind of art work. He is an engineer by profession and spent his life with machines . For us he was a genius with maths and physics and chemistry and with his help all our problems in these subjects seemed to vanish.

Then, he retired. He spent the initial years of his retirement settling down in this new way of life. One day he picked up his pencils and colours and started sketching and painting. His paintings surprised and shocked us. He does not yet paint from his imagination but just picks up an idea from a book, magazine or a  postcard and paints on any surface that takes his fancy or is available at that time, like paper, canvas, plywood board or even tiles.But for us they are nothing short of Masterpieces-









IMG_0632These are sketches of my daughter and my nephew










Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Nothing can be more nostalgic than revisiting your school or college after more than two decades. My school and college happen to be across the road to each other- a catholic boarding institution run by nuns, where I spent eight years of my  student life. A few years back , my college completed it’s 50 years and the ex-students were invited for the celebrations. A few of my friends, from different parts of the country, decided that we couldn’t miss the chance and reached there, all excited like the teenagers that we were back then, to meet each other again after so many years.

sophMy school,the main building- just the same even after so many years

100_5050Friends-together once again

100_5038The school building with the classroom windows behind me, and in front of me is the playground with the Basketball court(not in picture) where I spent so many evenings.

100_5039These set of stairs were a favourite sitting and gossiping spot for the girls

100_5040We called this place-the grotto. It was the most peaceful place in the school and we would sit here with our books during exams for undisturbed preparations.

100_5073And finally the nuns- this is Sr. Francina. She was our warden in school, and she hadn’t changed a bit when we met her.

100_5010The nun on the left is Sr. Terezina. She used to teach us English and back then we used to call her ‘Terror’. The one I’m sitting with is Sr. Maud. She was our warden and more importantly -the librarian. She saw my interest in reading and introduced me to lot of good books. And even though I got into quite a few scraps with her, she remained my favourite, so imagine my delight when I saw her after all these years. The best part- she remembered me too..

100_5076My college building all decked up for the celebrations

100_5054The college basket ball courts


And lastly- the gardens. Both , my school and my college maintained beautiful gardens. Our favourite were the bougainvilleas that always provided us with colourful backgrounds for our various photo-shoots .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

This week’s photo challenge is- sign says. My entry for the same has a little story behind it.

This was four years back. My Cardiologist (and not so old) husband suffered a heart attack. He was hospitalized and underwent an angioplasty. By God’s blessings and everyone’s prayers he returned home safe and sound. Those were some real traumatic days for the family.

Once he was home, friends, family, colleagues, all turned up to visit him. That was expected. What we also expected was that these people would come with serious faces and ask the same questions again and again. So my daughter and me decided to put up this sign on our door-


Needless to say, it worked perfectly. People came in laughing and smiling and we did not talk about the illness at all.

Mountains and Patterns

This week’s (almost gone) photo challenge was ‘Patterns‘ and A word a week challenge was ‘Mountains’.  Having spent the last few vacations in the mountains I have a whole horde of pictures of beautiful mountains and I decided to combine the two themes. SO here goes–

leh 166


leh 192


leh 196


leh 213












leh 357


leh 579

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

A very interesting challenge this week : Pattern. Patterns are everywhere around us. Nature shows off her patterns everywhere; in plants and in animals. Man created patterns, sometimes plagiarizing nature itself. Today I share with you two patterns that are an intricate part of our lives… or should I say our wardrobe.

These are two very famous styles of Tie-dye patterns of Rajasthan.

The first one is called the ‘Bandhani’ or ‘Bandhej’

IMG_0499A saree in this pattern is a must in every bride’s trousseau.

The second pattern is called ‘the Laheriya’. “Laher” in Hindi means waves and that’s how this print in tie-dye looks.

IMG_0496Sarees in this pattern is a favorite of women, specially during the festivals of the Monsoon(rainy) season.

A Word A Week Challenge: Action

This week’s word a week’s challenge is Action. My entry for the same is-

103_0021Some time back, the Indian Army showcased their might of arms and artillery for the public. The people and most importantly, the kids were given a live demonstration of how the tanks, guns (even the very large ones) worked. Seen here, is my daughter learning to man a ‘land to air’ gun, used for targeting enemy fighter planes!!

103_0023Ready to FIRE!!