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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

When I saw this week’s challenge, I thought, “Oh! This is going to be fun! I have loads of pictures just right for this theme.” As I went through my pictures and others’ too, I realized how lucky I was that I could see the wonders and the beauty of this world, feel awed and inspired by them and enjoy them. But there are many who are deprived of experiencing this joy.

In India, it is estimated, there are 3.5 million cases of blindness with 30,000 new cases being added every year. Corneal blindness is the most common causes of blindness in India. The good part is that most such cases can regain their eyesight by corneal transplant, and the sad part is that not enough corneas are available to bring light and hope to these people. Lack of awareness about eye donation is a major hazard in this direction and even though a lot of effort is being made by the government and other agencies the situation is far from bright.

As a small contribution on my part, I pledged to donate my eyes a few years back and hope that someday I’ll bring Light into someone’s life.




It happened this Tuesday night. We(meaning my husband and me) were away and our daughter was ‘Home Alone’. BTW she’s 17 so that’s not such a big thing really. In fact, that’s usually the norm. She hates to go anywhere out with us unless its for Pizza, a movie or a trip to the mall. We were on our way back when we received a call from her informing us that there has been a power failure in our area of the city. That got me a tad bit worried. Why?  YOU would ask. There was no worry about her safety as we live in a multi-storey building and all the neighbors on our floor are very nice and friendly.

The reason was that we live in Gujarat, one of the few states in our country that’s power surplus. That means we very rarely face a power failure. As a result, my daughter, ever since she was a little girl has been afraid of power failures (Power failures and not necessarily the dark as she sleeps with all lights turned off). As she grew older she would try to put up a brave face whenever such a situation arose but I knew the fear was there as she would hover around me, touch me on some pretext or the other.

But this Tuesday she was all alone and I knew she would not be enjoying the situation she was in. So I urged my husband to drive faster and on reaching home I nearly ran up the 8 floors to our apartment( no electricity,remember? so no elevators). The sight that greeted me on reaching home was wondrous. Our whole home was lighted up. She had used every candle, every earthen lamp,she could lay hands on and lit them up. My home seemed to be celebrating an early Diwali.