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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layer

For this challenge I travel back to the Himalayas. The mountains seem to be spread out layer after layer in shades and hues going from dark to light or vice-versa. The pictures here are of the Himalayas taken from different regions.

leh 842


leh 916


103_0426leh 172leh 194The pictures here are from the Ladakh region of the Himalayas. The mountains, rich in minerals but bare and devoid of vegetation.

kashmir beauty (158)A view of a  valley in Pahalgam, Kashmir as the sun sets and mist takes over.

kashmir beauty (205)hdThe white peaks of Kashmir

tea gardens...Now, layers of tea gardens in Darjeeling



DSC_0566Mountains in Skkim, the eastern side of the Himalayas.

Weekly Travel Theme: Multiples (1)

This week’s travel theme by Ailsa has me all revved up. I have so many that it become difficult for me to select, so here goes. These pictures are from our trip to Kashmir. Kashmir was the summer destination for the Mughal kings. Jahagir-the fourth Mughal king- described it as heaven on earth. They commissioned many walled gardens in Srinagar, which are renowned for their architecture and beauty. The famous ones are ‘Nishat Bagh’,’ Shalimar Bagh’ and ‘Chashm-i-shahi’. Thankfully they are being maintained despite the turmoil in the region.

kashmir beauty (113)Shikaras on the Dal Lake

kashmir beauty (237)

kashmir beauty (261)

kashmir beauty (270)

kashmir beauty (267)

kashmir beauty (269)flowers at the Mughal gardens

kashmir beauty (262)cd2fountains from the times of Jahagir (water from the Dal lake was channelled through the gardens via aqueducts)

When you try, you can imagine the royalty resting or enjoying the beauty of the gardens, with the women of the ‘Zennana’ hidden from the public view in the latticed stone pavilions or ‘baradari’ as they are called. Picture that.