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A morning’s Tale-2

Yipee!! Yahoooo! Yabadabadooo!

That seems a bit over the top but that’s exactly how I’m feeling. As I wrote in the first part of this post- A morning’s Tale– I was looking for a suitable place for my morning jogs. I think God also visits WordPress because it seems as if my prayers have been answered. I have found the perfect place for jogging. In fact, it was there, right before my eyes but I don’t know how it escaped my notice. Only when my friend reminded me about it that the bulb in my brain lit up.

The place is the Sabarmati Riverfront. Currently a major project of the Government of Gujarat. The banks of Sabarmati river are being developed into a tourist attraction place. The walkways are ready, and hopefully, soon there will be parks, water-sports, hotels, floating restaurants etc. at different points of the riverfront. The walkway area is very close to where we live and we can easily walk down to it. The walk becomes the warm up for the jog to follow. Some pictures here-

        the walkway


     The Sabarmati River



Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram with steps on the right side leading to the river


    waterworks tower



  The road bridge in the foreground and the rail bridge with a train passing on it in the background


the river

Jogging here in the mornings refreshes me thoroughly. In fact, I no longer have to bother about my problem. Who needs artificial music when you can hear the sounds of nature in the calls of the birds. That’s music enough for me.

Now I jump out of the bed in the mornings, and don’t make excuses to avoid my jogs but really look forward to them. Hope I will be able to see some good results soon. Cross my fingers.






A mornings’ Tale

     Listen to the exhortation of the Dawn!

Look to this day, for it is Life, the very Life of Life.

In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your Existence.

The Bliss of Growth, the Glory of Action, the Splendor of Beauty.

For yesterday is but a Dream, and tomorrow is only a Vision;

but Today well lived

makes yesterday a Dream of Happiness and every tomorrow a Vision of Hope.

Look well therefore to this Day!

Such is the Salutation of the Dawn.


Beautiful words, aren’t they? Make you wanna go all philosophical and write about all things beautiful and positive about the mornings- how its a  new beginning, brings new hope and blah and blah and blah. That’s the general direction my thoughts were taking when I read the quote and decided to do a post about it. But midway, my thoughts were hijacked by my not so philosophical part of the brain, towards a totally new direction and what that resulted in was this-

I love mornings. In fact, I’m basically a morning person- not the 4:30am  morning person but a 6:00am morning person. Mornings mean, sending my daughter off to school(something that will soon end), drinking my lime and honey in hot water while skimming through the newspaper, mentally noting the news I have to later read in detail and then its time for a round of workouts, beginning with a jog.

When I first began jogging, I would go up to the terrace of my building for the run. I loved to see the sun rise, the birds making their way across the skies in large flocks, to hear the tolling of bells from a nearby temple and later the sound of a band playing march-past tunes(my apartment building is near police headquarters and parade ground). It was a great way to start the day. But after about a year a pair of eagles decided to nest in a tree near the building and they took offence to my jogging in what I suppose they believed was their territory and I was unceremoniously shooed out by a series of aerial attacks displaying their beaks and talons.

I then tried jogging on the treadmill at the neighborhood gym. It was great as far as burning calories was concerned, but I missed the outdoors.

A few months later I discovered that a monument near my home had opened its gates and the walkways of its gardens for morning walkers. Delighted I made a beeline for the place only to discover that I was the only female jogger surrounded by a whole lot of male starers and of course other female walkers too. I couldn’t and still can’t understand what is so amazing or intriguing about seeing a female(who is also appropriately clad in full-length tracks and tees) jog. 

People at times stopped midway between what they were doing- which included, apart from walking, doing push-ups or squats, even an Anulom-Vilom or Kapalbhati Pranayam- just to stare as if I had just landed from Mars- or Venus if you please.But being the stubborn bull-head that i am ,specially in such situations, I continued my daily jogs,pointedly ignoring all the stares.

My luck didn’t last long here either and after a few months the management decided to close its doors to the public for some renovations. I personally believe that they were miffed that I was getting more attention than the monument, hence the action.

So once again I was rendered jogging-trackless. I gave a fleeting thought to, going to the parade ground and using a quiet corner for my runs but the images of shorts and ganji clad policemen doing their daily drills, sensibly, made me give up THAT idea.

Finally I had to resign myself to the lobby of my floor which is a reasonably okay place for me to jog. Its large enough and ogle-free. I get my dose of fresh air and can see the sun rise without having to protect myself from aerial attacks. Guess it will have to do till I find a better place that fits in with all my preconditions. Ciao…

note-the pictures here all are my daughter’s work.

Problem 2: Earphone woes

Ok people, here goes. I’m a morning person who enjoys the delights each new day offers. The cool breeze( no matter which season),the chirping of birds, the rising sun, all refresh me and compel me to rise and shine, put on my jogging shoes, pick up my mobile/mp3-4 player/i-pod and take off.

Herein lies my tale of woes. I envy all those joggers in the park who breeze past me, earphones firmly in place as if glued on, enjoying their music, as they burn all the calories to stay fit and in shape. On the other hand, all the time that I jog I’m fumbling with my ear-phones trying to make them stay put. I haven’t really calculated but I’m sure all the calories I burn jogging I spend an equal number on continuously adjusting/holding the earpieces in place. And no amount of pulling(my ears) or pushing(the earphones) could make them fit either.

And I’ve tried my hand..errr.. ears at all kinds of models of mobiles, mp3-4 players that come with their special ear devices. I was banking on Steve Jobs to help me out but the i-pods didn’t help me either. I even tried to use some slick looking ear devices I bought at various techno-shops but to no avail.

As other people do not seem to have any difficulty in keeping them in place I’ve finally reached the conclusion that it is my ears that are ear-phone challenged. So many companies cannot make the same defect and I’m absolutely sure they have no grouse against my ears. Therefore the problem lies with my ears alone.

So I’m still at square one sitting on a grand collection of ear-phones which I’m hoping will someday become a collector’s item and fetch me returns. Or maybe I’ll start a museum with them. Till  then I will remain on my quest for the PERFECT ONE. I only hope they are not delusionary as the many other perfect things we aspire for.