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I am Happy Today!!

Isn’t it amazing and stupendously thrilling to suddenly get back in touch with friends you thought you’d lost forever. And that too after a gap of more than 30 years. That’s a whole lot of time.

We were classmates at the only local English medium school. Our parents (fathers mostly) were either the employees of the same Company or were businessmen. School was a regular affair and we were at that precarious age of adolescence where the boys and the girls could barely stand each other but could talk about nothing else either.

The parting came suddenly. The Company where our fathers worked closed down due to some problems and all the families scattered away to different parts of the country or maybe even the Globe. We were, I think, too young to comprehend this change or the fact that we would never see our friends again. The change came so swiftly that we were unable to exchange future addresses, the few that we DID have got lost in the sands of time. And, as they say, time marches on. We all got busy with our lives. Building careers, families, shouldering responsibilities, but the memories of that golden childhood remained, surfacing from time to time as we would come across old pictures in an old album. And we would wonder where our friends would be and what and how were they doing..


    picture of our class in fourth grade (1978)

    our class in sixth grade

And now thanks to the modern advances of technology, of networking sites, we found each other again. One of my old classmates took up this herculean challenge and systematically hunted some of us down. One thing led to another and now suddenly a bunch of old friends are together and we can’t stop talking, chatting, sharing news, pictures and it seems as if the past 30years have simply dissolved away.

The joy of finding old friends can’t be explained in words. It’s like suddenly coming across the treasure chest that you were always looking for. You hoped you would find a few nuggets at most but end up with a chestful of goodies. And friends are a treasure, no matter how long or how far we are apart.