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I sure can’t remember, but being a mother myself can imagine how my mom must have taken care of me as a baby. She would’ve fed me, bathed me,clothed me, changed my diapers, responded to all my distress calls and fretted over all little things that involve growing up.

Now she’s at an age when she’s prone to health problems simply because her body is no longer as strong as it used to be. The genetics also start playing their part with a vengeance. So when all seemed fine my 60+ mom, during a routine check up came up with a not so perfect cardiogram.She was advised Angiography which had to be followed by an Angioplasty. And then due to some minor complications she was unable to perform her daily tasks by herself for a couple of days. It was now my turn to be the MOM.

I held her hand as she took her first few steps after the procedure. Bathed her and helped her put on her clothes. Brushed and combed her hair taking care that her tangles did not hurt her. Fed her just as she must have fed me, all with a napkin for a bib and a bed table that acted as the baby-chair. And as her appetite was down due to medications had to cajole and encourage her to eat, saying” one more bite, just one more.” ” You must eat or how will you get strong”, etc and promising treats once she got back on her feet.

All in all it felt good to take care of my mom, though it’s only a fraction of what all she must have done for me.

And my mom wasn’t oblivious to this role reversal that took place and taking it in her stride she sees the lighter side of it all. Laughing she says, “There’s one thing you haven’t done yet. You haven’t sung me a lullaby.”