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Hopey New Year

No, you aren’t reading it wrong!! Today, is the last day of the year. Normally, I’m planning to go out partying with friends, deciding what to wear, where to meet up, etc. But this year somehow that new year cheer is absent. The incidents of last few days have left me shaken up. During the last 15 days I wrote two or three posts that are lying in their respective folders. I’ve been unable to post them because I felt that no words  of mine could fully do justice to all that I feel after that heinous crime against that young girl in Delhi.

A young ordinary girl, who had simple dreams for her life, was savagely brutalized. A young life snuffed out. But what made me happy was the way the common people have taken up her cause, taken up the fight for justice. I’ve always been very skeptical about the people of my country. They’ve seemed to have very short memories, in the past. Surely, this isn’t the first case where a woman’s honour and her right to live with dignity has been brutalised? But once the hub-hub of the case died down, they forgot all about them and went back to their lives. But this time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The people aren’t letting up, not even with all the attempts to put down the protests, by our insensitive politicians in the parliament and elsewhere in the country. In fact, they are the ones who have shamed me the most. Shamed, because I’ve been party to electing them.

So I usher in this new year with great hope, despite the sadness in my heart. I hope that the un-named girl and all the other girls/women who have suffered the brutality on their bodies and minds, get the justice they deserve, swiftly. I hope we grow into a nation who is more sensitive towards their women-folk. I hope that our politicians and lawmakers will treat  the people, protesting for a just cause, as the citizens of this country who elected them to power and not as terrorists. I hope that we become a nation where a girl will be safe in the womb AND outside it. I hope that my daughter will be safe in this country.

Hopey New Year to everyone!!

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