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Weekly Travel Theme: Circles

This week’s theme sent me looking up my travel pictures to hunt for the right circles. Found one,that is part of great many stories and folk-lores, that I hope you will find interesting.


The above picture was taken from our trip to ‘Chittorgarh’. A fort in south Rajasthan. It is one of the largest forts(in area) in India and at its peak was also considered unconquerable. Rajput rulers ruled from here. Some very powerful and famous kings to rule from here were ‘Rana Sanga’; the king who had lost one arm, one leg and an eye in the battles he fought. There was ‘Rana Kumbha’ who brought glory to the region .And then the famous ‘Maharana Pratap’; the brave king who spent his life in the jungles trying to get back his homeland from ‘Akbar’.

The women who have attained folk-lore status from here were-

Mira bai- A great devotee of ‘Krishna’. In this fort you can see the temple that was built for her to pray and to worship her beloved because as a child she had opted for Lord Krishna as her groom.

Rani Padmini- Story goes that she was the queen of Rana Ratansingh. The then Delhi sultan Allaudin Khilji, after hearing of her great beauty, wished to see her. And since the women then observed purdah, he was shown a glimpse of her reflection in a mirror. He was so taken in by her beauty that he attacked Chittor. The Rana’s armies were no match for his huge army so they committed ‘Saka’ that is – donned saffron clothes and went to the battled field to die with honour while Padmini and the other women of the fort committed ‘Jauhar’ that is- threw themselves into fire to avoid capture and dishonour at the hands of the enemies.

Panna dai- she was the foster mother of prince Uday singh- son of  Rana Sanga. After the Rana’s death, his brother Banbir Singh wanted to kill the prince in order to get the throne. Panna sent Udai singh out of the fort safely and sacrificed her own son by placing him in Uday Singh’s place, who was then killed by Banbir.

It is a land of warriors and so, the swords and the shield.