Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Nothing can be more nostalgic than revisiting your school or college after more than two decades. My school and college happen to be across the road to each other- a catholic boarding institution run by nuns, where I spent eight years of my  student life. A few years back , my college completed it’s 50 years and the ex-students were invited for the celebrations. A few of my friends, from different parts of the country, decided that we couldn’t miss the chance and reached there, all excited like the teenagers that we were back then, to meet each other again after so many years.

sophMy school,the main building- just the same even after so many years

100_5050Friends-together once again

100_5038The school building with the classroom windows behind me, and in front of me is the playground with the Basketball court(not in picture) where I spent so many evenings.

100_5039These set of stairs were a favourite sitting and gossiping spot for the girls

100_5040We called this place-the grotto. It was the most peaceful place in the school and we would sit here with our books during exams for undisturbed preparations.

100_5073And finally the nuns- this is Sr. Francina. She was our warden in school, and she hadn’t changed a bit when we met her.

100_5010The nun on the left is Sr. Terezina. She used to teach us English and back then we used to call her ‘Terror’. The one I’m sitting with is Sr. Maud. She was our warden and more importantly -the librarian. She saw my interest in reading and introduced me to lot of good books. And even though I got into quite a few scraps with her, she remained my favourite, so imagine my delight when I saw her after all these years. The best part- she remembered me too..

100_5076My college building all decked up for the celebrations

100_5054The college basket ball courts


And lastly- the gardens. Both , my school and my college maintained beautiful gardens. Our favourite were the bougainvilleas that always provided us with colourful backgrounds for our various photo-shoots .


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

  1. Oh what a happy post! I smiled all the way through it! Yes, such wonderful nostalgia. I hadn’t been back to my college until this past Christmas. It was were my husband and I met and imagine how it felt to be there again because our daughter had been accepted as a student and we took her there to see it. How life comes around to meet us once again. It is so wonderful that you have stayed in touch with your friends and you were able to revisit cherished times together and to see the other individuals, the teachers that helped shape you into the wonderful, thoughtful woman you are today! Total and complete happiness!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! It really was wonderful to back to school with friends!! We even behaved like giggly teen aged girls and talked about boys!! 🙂 And I CAN imagine how wonderful it must have been for you to go back to your college and more so because your daughter is going there too. There must have been so much to show and share with her. We share our memories while they make their own!! 🙂

  2. Wow I loved the entire post! I can’t imagine what it’s like to go back to some of these places after decades… Rush of feelings inside your head, huh? I’m from Brazil and I must say I LOVED the clothing too!!!
    First visit to your blog, glad I bumped into you.

    • Thank you!! It really was amazing to go back after so many years and find most places and things just as they were. And I’m glad you bumped into me, so now i’ll get to know more about you and your country too. 🙂

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