Travel Theme: Ripples

Ailsa’s theme for this week is Ripples. 

DSC_0364Tsangu Lake, Sikkim

kashmir beauty (65)Dal Lake, Kashmir

kashmir beauty (84)Dal Lake

103_0352Pangong Lake, Ladakh



Nal Sarovar, bird sanctuary , Gujarat



10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Ripples

    • Hi! thank you so much!! for the travel theme just follow Ailsa’s blog (I’ve given the link) . You will get to know each weeks challenge from her post in your reader. then just give the heading to your blog as ‘travel theme’ and enter a link back to her post (as I have done). that’s it.. 🙂 its easy. let me know if you have any problem.. 🙂

  1. Maybe it’s because I have always lived where it is flat, but oh my, water with mountains in the background, I just don’t think there is anything more beautiful. Great images to look at as my day is just beginning. It’s like my moment of zen. Thank you for that! 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’ve realized lately (or maybe after the last few vacations spent in the mountains) that mountains and water have a deep effect on me, and the two of them put together are the perfect recipe for Bliss. 🙂

  2. I love mountains and bodies of water. When I see them together, I could stare forever. Thank you for these beautiful images, Hema. I especially like the first one of Dal Lake.

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