Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

This week’s photo challenge is- sign says. My entry for the same has a little story behind it.

This was four years back. My Cardiologist (and not so old) husband suffered a heart attack. He was hospitalized and underwent an angioplasty. By God’s blessings and everyone’s prayers he returned home safe and sound. Those were some real traumatic days for the family.

Once he was home, friends, family, colleagues, all turned up to visit him. That was expected. What we also expected was that these people would come with serious faces and ask the same questions again and again. So my daughter and me decided to put up this sign on our door-


Needless to say, it worked perfectly. People came in laughing and smiling and we did not talk about the illness at all.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

  1. What a great proactive approach and you know, you probably did put people’s minds at ease by addressing the situation in such a head-on but not off putting way. Oh what a clever woman you are! 🙂

    • Thank you! But at that time it felt the most logical thing to do. Many of our friends confessed that these were the exact questions they would have asked had they not been prohibited…:) 🙂 besides people think that if they talk about anything else, or laugh or smile they’ll come across as insensitive, but this did put them at ease. 🙂

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  3. I agree with Life&Ink, you are indeed clever. Sometimes friends feel that if they don’t ask about the situation at hand they will come across as uncaring. Your sign is a good lesson for others to follow.

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