Travel Theme: Dance

This week Ailsa’s theme: Dance. I was waiting for a theme like this, and got my wish.

Kathak is a well known classical dance form of north India. The word ‘Kathak’ is derived from Sanskrit word ‘katha’ which means ‘a story’ and ‘Kathaka’ means ‘one who tells a story’. There are three major schools or ‘gharanas’ of Kathak- the Jaipur Gharana, the Lukhnow Gharana and the Benaras Gharana.

My daughter has been learning Kathak (the Jaipur Gharana) since she was eight years old.


now more than ten years since she started, her course is near completion. One more year and she will get her final graduation degree in Kathak dance.


Recently she performed along with her fellow dancers for the regional branch of the national TV ‘Doordarshan’







and though this picture is a bit shaky, but it the typical Kathak movement, The Chakkars, or the Kathak pirouette.


12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Dance

  1. Oh My Gosh, she is ALL GROWN UP! What a lovely little girl and such a beautiful young lady!!!! I know how very proud you are!!!!! And the COLORS, I love the colors! I know I tell you this every time but I love the bright festive colors of your country. They are wonderful. And dancing in India, I mentioned to you in November the group of students at my daughter’s school, about 8 of them, do an Indian dance every year at the student talent show and every year the entire audience is up and clapping. So much energy, so much happiness, the good mood fills the auditorium and it their dance is the hit of the show. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and can I ask a question? Why did she pick the Jaipur Gharana?

    • First of all a big- fat thank you, dear friend!! 🙂 There is no big reason, why she chose the Jaipur Gharana. Where I stay, there were schools for only Luckhnow and Jaipur gharana. Of the two she started with The Luckhnow gharana, did that for a year and then switched to the Jaipur gharana. The Luckhnow Gharana is more delicate in its execution of dance whereas the Jaipur gharana emphasizes on facial expressions.The footwork is also a bit different. I also found a very good teacher(guru) in this gharana so went ahead with it. 🙂

      • Big fat your welcome, back atcha my friend! Thanks for the explanation. I was just curious, like are the differences in style like the difference between ballet and tap dancing. They both are taught at dancing schools but are very different styles. I have a lot to learn about your culture but I find it fascinating so that’s for putting up with my questions! 🙂

      • I love replying to your queries. Many a times I also learn something new that i wasn’t aware of. 🙂 The three gharanas of kathak have a basic common style, differing only in some footwork and movements. 🙂 Kathak is one of about eight classical dances of India, each originating in different regions of the country.

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