A Word A Week Challenge: Music

My entry for this week’s ‘A word a week challenge




15 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Music

    • Thanks Chris. I saw him sitting on the pavement, outside a commercial complex, singing hymns. people gave him some money. That stringed instrument is called a ‘Taanpura’.

    • hi!! sorry, it took so long to reply. I was looking up the name of that instrument. Its called ‘kartaal’. ‘kar’ in Sanskrit means hand and ‘taal’ means a clap, or a beat. This consists of a pair of wooden frames on which there are a couple of cymbal like metal pieces. One piece is worn on the fingers and the other on the thumb, and when they are brought together, they produce a metallic clapping sound, which provides a beat to the song being sung!! 🙂

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