Phoneography challenge: My Neighbourhood

This week’s Phoneography challenge: my neighbourhood

I’m not very good at this, in fact, my first attempt at something like this.

20130313_070420This board here says “Police Headquarters” in Gujarati language. My neighbourhood comprises of the city police establishment. We wake up to the sounds of the police band playing the marching tunes in the mornings.

20130313_070848This cowherd (on the left side of the picture) sets up shop every morning on this side-walk. He brings his cows and the fodder for them. In India, feeding a cow means ablutions from all your sins. So people buy the fodder from him and feed the cows. It works well for both the parties!!



The Sabarmati river, very much a part of my neighbourhood. As the temperatures have soared and the flow of water decreased, the algae has covered the riverbed and turned it into a swamp. It all looks bad, but the good news that it has attracted a whole lot of water birds, like comb ducks, lapwings, egrets, kingfishers, terns, cormorants, ibises, etc. Today I even saw a flock of painted storks.

20130313_072156cormorants drying themselves on the platform



20130313_072502The lower level of the riverfront walkway

20130313_073101The upper level of gardens and walkways- haven for morning walkers



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