wooohoo!! my brain is spinning the speed of the earth right now!! just the other day we were having this discussion in the family as to why February has 28 days and I in a ‘Googly’ mood explained that how the year actually has 365 and a quarter days so Feb. gets 28 days and a leap year every fourth year to balance the quarter. That was enough to prompt others to drown me into a sea of questions very much resembling the ones put here and that really got to me. thank God!! I didn’t have to answer them.. 🙂 🙂

Mostly Bright Ideas

ActorFebruary is again racing past, like a self-conscious actor looking to spit out his lines and leave the stage as quickly as possible. Every year I’m intrigued by this oddball of a month, similar to the way I’m drawn to Pluto, the misfit of the solar system, and the winter vest, which is neither coat nor undershirt, but rather a strange offspring of the two. I seem to have a penchant for weirdness. But if curiosity killed the cat, mine is less lethal: it just entices me to waste time.

We all repeat mistakes, routines we’re compelled to follow, much as the Earth is bound to move along its elliptical path around the sun. Some of us stay up too late, watching millionaires competing in championship games, or other millionaires trying to appear humble while accepting awards they’ve won for pretending to be someone else. In the morning, we…

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