Greatest charity: a true story

Today I want to share a real life story with you!

A few days back the newspaper carried a story about a family and their child who was kidnapped two years ago at the age of two. The child (name-Jignesh) was found after two years and when the cops handed him over to his mother Shital, she wept with joy, hugging her son tightly.

The story unfolded that Jignesh was abducted two years ago and could not be traced. Then, a few days back the people of the locality spotted the woman suspected of having kidnapped the child. The police was informed and the woman was arrested. During questioning the woman confessed that she had abducted a child from the locality and handed him over to a woman in Mumbai.

The drama then shifted to Mumbai. Police traced the woman (Named-Aarti) to whom the child was given. Aarti is a widow who also lost her only son soon after her husband’s death. The kidnapper gave her the child saying that he was her brother’s son and there was no one to take care of him. Aarti believed her, accepted the child and took him in as her own son.

Jignesh has only one functional kidney since birth and Aarti got his regular treatment done for the last two years. The kidnapper was booked and Aarti detained for questioning. Jignesh and Aarti were brought back to Ahmedabad where Jignesh was handed over to his mother.

When I read this story, though I felt that it was a happy ending for the mother(Shital), my heart went out to the woman who has been Jignesh’s mother for the last two years. She would have to face loss once again. Also, the child, now four years old would be thinking of Aarti as his mother. What about him? Seemed like a big tangled emotional mess.

Then today there was a follow up to that story that has put my faith back firmly to humanity, to empathy and to the belief that there are good Samaritans all around us.

The headlines read- “Mother Gives abducted son in adoption- Mumbai woman gets back boy handed to her by kidnapper” 

Yes, Shital has decided to give her son to Aarti in adoption. She says, “A woman can understand the separation of a mother and son better. Aarti has taken extremely good care of Jignesh, who has also bonded well with her. I don’t want Aarti to undergo the same trauma as mine.”

Seems like a movie story. The sacrifice that Shital has made is no small one. ‘Giving’ is a part of our cultural value but to give up one’s child has to be the greatest charity ever.

8 thoughts on “Greatest charity: a true story

  1. Indeed, the story is great. Parting with a child is the biggest sacrifice a mother can go through. Devki is one of the examples. More glory to such parents who can overcome and give priceless presents. Nicely written! More power to you 🙂

  2. Wow.. It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to do what Shital did. Giving up your child isn’t something anyone would even dream of doing. I guess she realized her son’s attachment to Arati.. Either ways its a tough!

    • that’s what drew me to this story. Its not easy to give up your own flesh and blood.But I guess knowing that your child is safe and happy is a consolation. And even though the child is given away, he will get the love of two mothers. 🙂

  3. Wow. Glad I don’t have to be in such a situation to find out what my response would be. I like what you wrote, how the child will have the love of two mothers. I hope that the birth mother can be involved in the child’s life, can watch him grow into a man. If she can, imagine the lessons of love that little boy will know. Great story. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • no mother would like to be in this situation. And as you said, though the child may be with the foster mother, the birth mother will be able to watch him grow and may indirectly be a part of his growing years. The child is indeed lucky on that count. 🙂

  4. This is a very difficult story; of brutality that is unseen. Perhaps the child will have some very unique qualities that just one of the parents could care for properly. I understand the decision of the mother… I would never try to judge her. I just hope that the child won’t judge her negatively, later in life…

    • That is one ‘other side’ of the story that you’ve brought to my notice. I really hope the child will be able to understand what did happen and why! ! Because only then will his mother’s sacrifice will be worth it.

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