A Flower-filled Day!!

This month my city- Ahmedabad- organized it’s first Flower show. The venue chosen for the show was a section of the ‘Sabarmati river-front’.  Many seasonal and exotic flowers, plants, saplings, vegetable plants, ayurvedic plants, bonsai and cactus were on display.Not just local varieties but also flowers from 12 countries were flown into Ahmedabad. Local farmers and Plant Nurseries were also encouraged to set up shop at the venue.

So last Saturday morning, armed with our cameras, we(hubby,daughter and me) landed at the show. We planned it to be a multi-pronged visit; to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, increase our knowledge of some window gardening(since we live in an apartment, that’s all the gardening we can afford to do), and buy some plants for the home.

The moment we stepped at the venue, we knew that we were going to have fun
DSC_0320cdthe’flower’ part of the set could not be taken as there was too much rush in front of it for pictures!!



maa camera

DSCN0450my daughter engrossed in taking pictures!!!

DSCN0459The river

DSCN0478Having fun speed-boating

We returned hot and tired, but happy as we came back with some plants for the home.







Home Green Home!!!


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