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13 Amazing Tools for an Amazing YOU in 2013

By Tarun Soni and Alpha Sanford

Life does not give you a house without having to build the house one section at a time. That section of the house including its posts and beams do not come attached to each other, rather you need tools to put them solidly together.

 As in building a house, life is like that.

You need tools.

You need guidance.

You need more than your hands.

Below are 13 powerful tools for 2013 to make this year more meaningful, happier and successful: 

1. Prayer – and if you do not pray, take silence. The power of being quiet is immeasurable. Try two minutes a day and you will find yourself more fulfilled and more confident.

2. Positive Attitude – it’s easy to be influenced by the negative forces around – but if you allow yourself to…

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Always good to remind ourselves. I particularly liked “Expect the unexpected” Isn’t it wonderful when you are just going along, doing well, and then, BAM! something unexpectedly awesome happens and you can really enjoy the ride and its specialness, but then, when the ride’s over, be grateful for the ride and not be sad that it’s over because, well, you just understand that’s how it goes. Letting the happiness that it happened not be overshadowed by the sadness that it ended, I think we I started being able to do that, that’s when I knew I had “grown up!” 🙂

    • wow!! that’s put so beautifully!! I believe in that expression too as it has happened to me so often and I guess happens to everyone all the time. It can be fun and sometimes scary too, but no matter what you are left a little richer in the accounts of your life. In fact, these unexpected events in my life made me realize my own strengths that I didn’t know I had and made me overcome many of my fears. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely words. 🙂

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