A Morning With The Birds

There are many things, I believe, that we did not do, when we were kids. And that wasn’t because we had any problem, or there was a lack of resources. But simply because we were unaware that such things could be done. I have been introduced to many such activities, by my daughter, much later in life. One such activity is- Bird Watching.

A few years ago, she attended a four day camp for bird watching. She came back bursting with enthusiasm and with a lot of information related to birds. She had been taught to identify birds by their plumage, their calls or any other characteristic feature. As she rattled off her newly acquired knowledge, some of her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I started looking out for birds and along with my daughter, I have also learnt to identify a few species.  In fact, now whenever we go to any place for vacations, we are on the lookout for the avian species found in the region. We ask the local people their names and then try and identify them from a little bird book that we carry with us on all such outings. I can assure you, we look really funny, craning our necks up as we walk down the road, trying to spot that elusive bird and at the same time to avoid bumping into anyone.

And we are lucky that we have not one but two bird sanctuaries within a distance of 70kms from the city. These are two really big lakes and during winters the migratory birds arrive here from far off lands to nest. The one nearer to the city is the Thol Bird Sanctuary and the other one is the Nal-Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. We had been visiting Thol for the last couple of years so this year decided to check out Nal-Sarovar.  So last Sunday armed with our cameras, caps, sunglasses, some refreshments  we took off early and I mean, really early, in the morning to watch the birds.

It took us nearly an hour to reach there, even with no traffic. The dawn was breaking when we reached and the air was filled with the cries of the birds.DSC_0578


DSC_0589The Sunrise

DSCN0020sunrise on the lake


DSCN0031sea-gulls in the morning sun

DSCN0099kids selling bird-feed for the gulls

DSC_0757Purple Moorhen

DSC_0765A Cormorant

DSC_0776still searching the name so any info, let us know



DSC_0808Large Egret

DSC_0827common cranes

DSC_0814common cranes in flight

DSC_0840Saurus Cranes- the world’s tallest flying birds- in flight

DSC_0897bay-backed shrike

We also spotted Grey Heron, Ibis,Brahminy Shelducks, Comb Ducks, Stilts, Lapwings, Common Iora, Minivets,etc. but couldn’t capture them on camera.

The morning sunrise series and the birds’ pictures have all been taken by my daughter. Seeing her enthusiasm for bird-watching we’d brought a zoom lens for her DSLR camera last year and she has made good use of it. The rest, that is, the sunrise on the lake, the gulls, the little boys, were taken by me by my small automatic Nikkon camera.

Well, pictures taken or not, its beautiful to watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. When they taken flight in flocks, you can only marvel at their beauty. It was a morning well spent.



12 thoughts on “A Morning With The Birds

  1. What a morning well spent. The time together, spent sharing an interest is such a fine investment in your relationship. What fond memories, even of waking up early, for it is actions such as those, when taken that communicate maybe even better than words just how much someone is loved. And that lens you got your daughter, that too was a great investment because she’s got a great eye! What a lovely and happy post! 🙂

  2. A lovely post. The pictures are beautiful, but your thoughts on sharing such an experience with your daughter is also a great pleasure to read. May you have many such days, appreciating nature and learning together with your daughter.

    • Thank you so much! I also cherish these times with her because she’s already spreading her wings, ready to fly and she’ll be leaving the nest before we realize it. Trying to make the most of it while we can!!
      And I loved your post about gifts. Am thinking up the right words to put my thoughts there!

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