Weekly Travel Theme: Mystical

Haven’t been able to post on the themes for the last couple of weeks… Diwali time, you know, no time for anything else. But the theme this time was too hard to resist, so here I am–

starting with my favorite.. the mountains. This is a view of the mightily mystical Himalayas taken from the airplane window.

the Pangong lake in Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. the lake at the base of mountains induces a sense of calm and peace and makes you marvel at God’s work. The lake and the mountains in the background look as if they have been painted on a canvas… by God.

Ladakh also boasts of a desert. The white sand dunes are one of a kind, and the little vegetation found in Ladakh includes these trees which are commonly found in the deserts of Rajasthan. This tree standing apart from the whole lot of others caught my interest.

and then the ‘stupas’. Ladakh’s landscape is littered with hundreds of them. They signify the importance of afterlife as per Buddhist traditions.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Mystical

    • That tree was just waiting to be photographed and BTW I took that picture on my old camera… 🙂 That whole region is so beautiful and enchanting, I still haven’t gotten over the place..

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