A morning’s Tale-2

Yipee!! Yahoooo! Yabadabadooo!

That seems a bit over the top but that’s exactly how I’m feeling. As I wrote in the first part of this post- A morning’s Tale– I was looking for a suitable place for my morning jogs. I think God also visits WordPress because it seems as if my prayers have been answered. I have found the perfect place for jogging. In fact, it was there, right before my eyes but I don’t know how it escaped my notice. Only when my friend reminded me about it that the bulb in my brain lit up.

The place is the Sabarmati Riverfront. Currently a major project of the Government of Gujarat. The banks of Sabarmati river are being developed into a tourist attraction place. The walkways are ready, and hopefully, soon there will be parks, water-sports, hotels, floating restaurants etc. at different points of the riverfront. The walkway area is very close to where we live and we can easily walk down to it. The walk becomes the warm up for the jog to follow. Some pictures here-

        the walkway


     The Sabarmati River



Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram with steps on the right side leading to the river


    waterworks tower



  The road bridge in the foreground and the rail bridge with a train passing on it in the background


the river

Jogging here in the mornings refreshes me thoroughly. In fact, I no longer have to bother about my problem. Who needs artificial music when you can hear the sounds of nature in the calls of the birds. That’s music enough for me.

Now I jump out of the bed in the mornings, and don’t make excuses to avoid my jogs but really look forward to them. Hope I will be able to see some good results soon. Cross my fingers.






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