Welcoming The Lord Of the People- Ganesh

Its that time of the year again when people gear up to welcome their favorite God- lord Ganesh in their homes. Lord Ganesh is the ‘Elephant-head God’, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the remover of all obstacles, the God of prosperity and entrepreneurship. He is the first God to be worshiped before starting any new business and on all auspicious occasions like marriage, moving into a new home or office premises, etc. Today is ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ the fourth day of waxing moon in the month of Bhadarva. On this day the Lord comes to visit the common people to take away their troubles and bless them. He stays with them for one, three, five, seven or ten days as the families wish and then goes back to his heavenly abode.

There are many stories about Lord Ganesh, specially ones associated with his birth and about how he got his elephant head. But today I will tell something else about him and what he teaches us.

Lord Ganesh is said to be the god of entrepreneurship and hard work. He hates to sit idle. He has two wives- Siddhi (spiritual power and aptitude) and Riddhi (prosperity). He has two sons Shubh (auspiciousness) and Labh (profits). Once on Rakshbandhan they wished for a sister. Lord Ganesh fulfilled their wish and Godess Santoshi (contentment) was born completing the family.

A simple story, you would say. Nothing extraordinary. But an extraordinary message lies within it.

When entrepreneurship and hard work comes together with spirituality and aptitude it brings prosperity. This prosperity comes along with profits that is auspicious and pure and so long as people work hard using their skills and knowledge  to their maximum ability, their prosperity continues to grow. But when contentment arrives it takes away all the desires from man and makes the person and his life ‘Whole’.

The night before yesterday I went to that part of the town where the Ganesh idols are made for the people to take home. This place at any other time of the year is a slum area with people living in shanties and poor conditions. They make idols of Gods or any other type on order for the people who want to decorate their homes or gardens.But a month before this day the activity starts in the earnest. All the families get busy with preparing the idols with every member chipping in. And that night, the place had transformed. Every inch of space was occupied by Ganesh himself and just as the people were impatient to take him, their beloved God, to their homes, he seemed equally eager to be with them.

 An idol this size takes more than month to complete







 waiting to go to people’s home














not yet ready

   Artist putting final touches to the idol

So here’s wishing everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May Lord Ganesh take away all your troubles and bring prosperity to all.

P.S.-all pictures here belong to me. Not the best of pictures but this was the best I could do with all the crowd around me and not much light.


8 thoughts on “Welcoming The Lord Of the People- Ganesh

  1. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family. I could not celebrate it this year as I was traveling that day. Thanks a lot for sharing glimpse of this festival! Great post.

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