My last post on Indian festivals -Rakshbandhan , should have come with a statutory warning-” Festivals Ahoy”. This is the month of Shravan/ Bhadarva,  hence a season of festivals. Today is Janmashtami, the eighth day of waning moon in the month of Shravan/Bhadarva,  the day on which Lord Krishna was born, at the stroke of midnight. This is again a festival that is widely celebrated.   The story of Lord Krishna’s birth is a matter of a complete post and I will leave that out for the time being. What I share today is a photographic post of people’s celebrations. In Gujarat, this is the day for children. A part of the city is cordoned off from traffic and a large scale fair is organised every year. People with kids eagerly looking forward to fun-filled outing throng to the fair. Kids get to wear their best clothes, buy new toys, and eat their favorite ice-creams. Even a daily wage earner, on this day, buys whatever he can afford for his kids. All these years I never went to this fair. Mental blocks again, (it will be too crowded, not safe, etc). But every year my house help would leave early and come the next day with tales about all the fun they had with their kids at the fair. So this year I decided to throw away all my inhibitions and went to experience the celebrations as they should be , in their true spirit. Wishing everyone a Happy Janmashtami   Lord Krishna as a baby in his swinging cot                 some artistic flag poles; really heavy; are carried by many men at a time to the temple

                                                                                                                                                                                    Wares on sale

And now some people pictures                    

Babies’ Day Out

 A Young Vendor

youngest vendor that we saw, really serious about his job

    carved wooden blocks for henna tattoos

  Kids, Kids and more kids, everywhere

returning home with Krishna idol

   a young bride

 boy dressed as Krishna

snack time

some more young Krishnas

                something really heartening to see was that more than 50% of the vendors were Muslims and were part of  Hindu festivities

our daughter(oldest) with our neighbors’ kids

The day ended on a high note when we returned home with goodies for our neighbors’ little kids, and were greeted with shrieks and shouts of delight

 having fun with the wheelies 


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