PROBLEM 3 –A Taxing Problem

It’s been a long time now but I’ve figured out another problem that really bothers me-even more than the first two.  The first one now doesn’t seem to be much of the trouble and the second one still persists-so much so that now I’ve started jogging without any music at all.

Now, coming to my problem no. 3. Come year end (I mean, the financial year in March) and I start getting the heebie-jeebies. It’s that time of the year when we have to put down on paper the past year’s incomes, expenses, investments and other mumbo jumbos of all things financial so that the taxmen can collect their dues.

                                                                         what I look like as the year end approaches

Hubby dear believes and insists that I’m sufficiently educated and perfectly capable to tackle, at least, my own finances, considering they don’t amount to much. After all I am no J.K.Rowling or a movie star or a politician. So all I have to do is sit with the files of the year gone, prepare a comprehensive chart of all the inflows and outflows of cash, add in the necessary details and I’m done. I then just have to pass on all these details to a dear, dear friend who then does all the difficult work of assessing my records, making corrections if necessary, calculating what I owe to the taxmen and finally filing my tax returns. So basically all I have to do is the easy part.

                                                                        what I look like when I have to start

But even that seems no less than climbing the Everest to me. You see, the moment I lay my eyes on the files and the figures within, I am seized by a bout of dyslexia. The numbers jump out from the pages and begin floating before my eyes and even the basic mathematics of addition and subtraction suddenly acquire the proportions of a calculus problem. My brain goes into a spin and then starts working overtime thinking up new excuses to keep putting off the said work. It’s only when, I’m gently and persistently sent reminders from “the friend” ,that guilt takes over and I finally get down to complete the work.

                                                 what I look like when I see the numbers and the figures

Over the last few years I’ve realized that the reason for this problem lies not with the numbers or figures as I make myself believe, but with ME. Because they bore me and also scare me to a degree,I’ve unknowingly created a block which prevents me to actively face this problem(I think it’s the same with most of our problems in life). Give me a Chemistry or a Biology problem to tackle or for that matter even a History mystery to solve and I’m game. I can spend hours on the net or in the library and enjoy the challenge. But Accounts give me the shudders. Every year on ‘the Resolutions Day’(the New Year), when others are resolving to shed those oodles of fat or finishing that long forgotten project or taking some major decisions, I resolve to conquer my fear of Figures and devote time and energy to educate myself so that I no longer feel overwhelmed by the numbers, but so far, like all resolutions mine too has come to a naught.

But I’m an eternal optimist and I know the day will come when I’ll finally have crossed the hill(or the mountain as it seems now). After all I do believe in the song

“we shall overcome— SOMEDAY”

Meanwhile… my account work this year is almost done with… Phew..until next year!!


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