So often, our days are built around a routine. Our lives are composed of endless cycle of work, meals, family, household chores, and social obligations.

Think back to some of your best experiences in life. When were you the happiest, most excited, and completely engaged in what you were doing? I would bet those moments weren’t spent holed up in a tiny cubicle or meticulously picking lint off of freshly laundered clothes. I would venture to guess that a majority of those memorable experiences were spent doing something for the first time. Often being stretched to our limits and learning something new will make us feel at the top of our game, and even the simple act of trying something different can boost our enthusiasm, happiness, and well-being.

The ultimate experience of “flow” occurs when a challenging task overlaps with one’s skills (many of which may be yet undiscovered). When we’re comfortable with our life and routines, it’s often difficult…

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