Simply Vacations@ Mom-Dad’s

This is my favorite time of the year… no don’t get me wrong. I definitely do not enjoy the 45⁰ Celsius heat or the fact that I’m unable to move anywhere out of the house during the day. It’s just that it’s that time of the year when I visit my mom-dad at their home-My Home. This is an annual event eagerly looked forward to, by all concerned.

Being with parents is like being a child all over again. No matter how old, you are always taken care of, indulged and pampered. Add to it, having no pressing problems to attend to (no, I do not mean HUSBAND) – and it’s total Bliss.

We were greeted with warm hugs and yummy breakfast as soon as we arrived. Then began my daughter’s annual inspection. This involves moving from room to room and checking out all the new things that have arrived in the past year. She’s been following this ritual ever since she could walk and she’s now 17. As a kid it also involved marking all the things she liked, to be carried back home.

This year the new arrivals were a LED T.V. and a Writing Board. This was installed in the central courtyard by my dad to jot down daily lists and to-do reminders.

The board was immediately taken over by her and a list of all the dishes she wanted her Nani (Hindi for maternal grandma) to prepare for her during the stay, was put up. Then everyday the menu for lunch and dinner would go up on the board

(‘dahi bade” is her favorite and though it’s a side dish she insisted on having just that for lunch AND for dinner leaving the rest of the menu for us to decide)

I, on the other hand, am indulged by my dad. We both suffer from ‘Sweet Tooth Syndrome’. I try to control my sweet intake at home and my dad is unsuccessfully tried to be kept under control by my mom. But when I’m with him, there’s no stopping us. Dad gets all the sweets we want to gorge on and when frowned upon, all of them are pegged on to me. So my days spent there are filled with mouth watering Jalebi, Rasmalai, Sandesh, Fudges, Rasgullas, Ladoos and Gulabjamuns. The refrigerator is always stacked with ice-creams and chocolates.

It is a vacation in the true sense as it involves two activities to be performed the most- Sleeping and Eating. The occasional outing is restricted to some shopping, meeting family and friends or dining out.

The worst part though is returning back. No matter how old you get you always remain your mum-dad’s little girl and no matter how old they get you always see them young. Want to see them as you did when you were little. In our hearts they cease to grow old and seem to be the same parents who ran after us, who threw us up in the air and we weren’t afraid of falling, who kissed away all our troubles. But the truth is that the roles have reversed to an extent and now it’s our turn to return the love and care as selflessly and unconditionally as they did and still do.


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