Ladakh  was the chosen destination this summer vacation. So the last week turned out to be a wonderful experience as we explored an altogether different world. Ladakh is a part of the northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. We had heard a lot about it’s rugged beauty from friends and were eagerly looking forward to the trip. We also got a lot of advice regarding the Dos and the Don’ts because of the high altitude of the region (10,000ft and above as it comes in the region of the greater Himalayas), and the fact that we would be flying to Leh(the main city of Ladakh) from Delhi thus making a forced ascent from the sea level to about 10,000ft. The first day was thus reserved for complete rest and acclimatization. Thereafter we began a trip that was more than an eye-opener. The mountains and peaks are devoid of any vegetation but it seems as if God simply poured all the colors on His palette on this land. The mountains show such variations in color. There were all the shades of brown, pinks, purples and even green; the waters of the rivers and lakes in every shade of blue possible. Sharing here some pictures from the trip.



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