These days can’t open a newspaper without stumbling upon some news about the West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee  or Didi as she’s called by her party members and made popular by the media. The everyday dicktats  that have been pouring out of her office could be comical at best if they did not imply the serious undertone. I’m sure the people of Bengal feel it too. They got rid of decades of bad governance by a corrupt Communist government only to be replaced by a dictator in the garb of a democrat.

First the English dailies banned from public libraries, then a professor arrested for creating and circulating a cartoon and now the latest commandment-TMC members shall not mingle with CPM cadres at any personal level.(This could make for an interesting bollywood movie plot. Girl from CPM, boy from TMC. Loads of over the top drama, elopement to found their own party and maybe an item number thrown in for good measure and please don’t ask me to name a potential item girl because at present only one name is doing the rounds in my brain ;)).

The path Didi is treading would give Stalin a run for his money. Whatever the people of Bengal had hoped for and they did hope high, this wasn’t what they bargained for.

I do sympathize with Didi though. She won the elections with the people of her state rooting for her, for the dreams that she would turn to reality. She had and still has the opportunity AND the power to make it work for her and for the people of her state. She could’ve silenced her critics (and cartoonists) with her work and dedication, instead she chose to go with brute force. The people are protesting already and she seems unrelenting. Hope she gets herself a set of advisors with a better sense of administration AND humor and not just a bunch of sycophants.

It’s been rightly said-“with great power comes great responsibility”. The people have placed that power in her hands and the onus to handle it with responsibility now lies with her. The courageous leader that she is , I hope she doesn’t let her people down.


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