Have been at my wits end thinking of something to write about.  And no, it didn’t have anything to do with a writer’s block but simply a lack of inspiration. So I turned to, what has been my source of inspiration many a times in the past- MY DIARY.

Let me introduce you all to my Diary.

I started writing this diary about 25 years ago when I joined college. My subjects were Chemistry and Biology but I also loved History as I did the ‘Written Word’. So this diary wasn’t about the daily drama of my life but I began filling it with little nuggets of wisdom, quotes, poems and other interesting things that I read here and there..  in books, magazines, even bumper stickers.

There are Deft Definitions that I love

Then I was introduced, no, that’s a very polite way to say so, I was force-fed on a diet of awesome poetry by a friend who was a student of English Literature and I entered the world of Wordsworth, Keats,Lord Byron, Tennyson,Yeats,Robert Frost,Emily Dickinson, and was soon hungry for more..And then there are my favorites- the revised versions of well known proverbs, quotes on women marriage, and some slick word play.

These are just a few pages from my precious diary. She’s old now , so old that her cover is torn and tattered, the pages  coming loose from the binding are lovably dog-eared and covered with smudges and stains.She is in her ripe old age- mature, filled with wisdom and much loved.

P.S. click on the pictures to read the pages.


  1. Hey. Reminds me of all the interesting words/turn of phrases , quotes and random thoughts I used to jot down in the past…

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