Problem 2: Earphone woes

Ok people, here goes. I’m a morning person who enjoys the delights each new day offers. The cool breeze( no matter which season),the chirping of birds, the rising sun, all refresh me and compel me to rise and shine, put on my jogging shoes, pick up my mobile/mp3-4 player/i-pod and take off.

Herein lies my tale of woes. I envy all those joggers in the park who breeze past me, earphones firmly in place as if glued on, enjoying their music, as they burn all the calories to stay fit and in shape. On the other hand, all the time that I jog I’m fumbling with my ear-phones trying to make them stay put. I haven’t really calculated but I’m sure all the calories I burn jogging I spend an equal number on continuously adjusting/holding the earpieces in place. And no amount of pulling(my ears) or pushing(the earphones) could make them fit either.

And I’ve tried my hand..errr.. ears at all kinds of models of mobiles, mp3-4 players that come with their special ear devices. I was banking on Steve Jobs to help me out but the i-pods didn’t help me either. I even tried to use some slick looking ear devices I bought at various techno-shops but to no avail.

As other people do not seem to have any difficulty in keeping them in place I’ve finally reached the conclusion that it is my ears that are ear-phone challenged. So many companies cannot make the same defect and I’m absolutely sure they have no grouse against my ears. Therefore the problem lies with my ears alone.

So I’m still at square one sitting on a grand collection of ear-phones which I’m hoping will someday become a collector’s item and fetch me returns. Or maybe I’ll start a museum with them. Till  then I will remain on my quest for the PERFECT ONE. I only hope they are not delusionary as the many other perfect things we aspire for.


4 thoughts on “Problem 2: Earphone woes

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