women in the driver seat

Feeling totally vindicated!!! A news item states that research has rated women as better and safer drivers than men. Women drivers cause less than 2% of all fatal road accidents and even for minor accidents the male- female ratio is 71:1. Whoa!! That makes me feel like saying..no, shouting( gloatingly, of course)..I TOLD YOU SO!!

For years I’ve seen women being condemned as poor drivers. They are sneered upon, laughed at committing tiniest of mistakes and get derisive looks from the male drivers. If they take a fraction of a second longer to start up at a signal as the light changes the honking of horns begins incessantly and sometimes they(read men) start honking in advance when they see a female in the driver seat of the car ahead of them.

I, who has only recently taken to driving once again after a long hiatus, have borne all that and much more. They(whether on a 2-wheel drive or a 4-wheel one) think nothing of cutting lanes in front of you without any warning and then will glare at you when missed by inches. And sometimes you get such a cheesy smile that you feel like getting off the car and slapping that smile off the face. This happens so often that of late I’ve started harboring a secret and almost sadistic fantasy of thrashing up at least one such errant driver. But mostly I am a peace-loving person and resort to counting till 10 which at times has to be extended till 20 or 50.

And to be fair to the not-so-fair sex, there are some good Samaritans out there too. They wait patiently (and quietly) behind you when stuck in a traffic jam and don’t blame the chaos on you. Once, one actually stopped and let me go first.

And now this news..well its just a confirmation of what we women knew all along.

So a message to all the male drivers out there..its time you took the back seat. Women are driving now.

P.S- i googled to get some pictures for this post and all i found were funny pictures and funny videos…and not averse to laughing at myself or my gender , i did have a hearty laugh at them all.. but that goes on to show the bias against women drivers. I only hope they are not made up… sharing some for the laughs.. 


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