My Problem 1-what a head(ing)-ache

Everyone has problems in life. Some have big ones and some small ones. Some problems are common for all people and some are individualistic. I am trying to share the problems indigenous to me. Not all together though. Wouldn’t want to alarm everyone. Just one at a time as i remember or come across them in my day to day activities.

Today i tackle my first one. I’ve really started enjoying blogging. I have super fun putting down my thoughts and my ideas, however inane they maybe, into the cyberspace. But the biggest problem i encounter is to think up of an appropriate heading for my posts.this problem throws a huge spanner into the wheels of my creative(?) outputs.

I admit,i was never good at it. Even in school exams for English, when we had to provide a suitable title for an unseen passage, i floundered. Moreover my brains would go into a sudden seizure and refuse to help. Finally i would end up with a miserable idea or sometimes just use the first few words of the passage and get it done and over with. When i passed school i was relieved that finally this trouble was behind me, but the ghosts have come back to haunt me.

So here i’m again, racking my brains at the start of every post to think up of something smart, something witty or just something that will intrigue more people to read my blogs. Some serious help is needed, so people, please send in suggestions or you’ll continue to have some pathetic ones coming your way!!

this is just the beginning…more problems coming up soon… counting on you people to help… signing out.


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