therapeutic cleansing

This is that time of the year that gets me super charged.No, no, its not about the navratras, though i enjoy the garbas very much and try not to miss even a single night of dancing to the lively music. But i’m not talking about that.  What i’m talking about is the annual chore of diwali cleaning. Yes, yes, i know you don’t blog about something like that but that’s about all that I can get on my mind right now so i might as well get it done and over with. I also know that most ladies my age find it a tiring and a boring chore, something they would avoid given the chance.

But me, i guess i’m made of something altogether different. I can like doing a lot of odd things at the oddest of times. For example i get the best ideas for my blogs at the stroke of midnight when everyone else is asleep and so as not to wake anyone else i sit in the bathroom and jot down the the ideas so that i can recall them in the morning.

But getting back to the actual topic.. the diwali cleaning. Aaahh!! I find it highly calming and almost a therapeutic experience.  Over the years, I’ve realised nothing gives me so much pleasure as the act of throwing away ‘the old and useless things’ from the cupboards, closets, drawers and the home in general. If i had my way there would hardly be anything left in the house. How light and spacious i find my home after I’m done with throwing away the clutter. What astonishes me the most is that how on earth do i manage to accumulate so much in the first place.  My zeal and zest at this task does alarm my husband at times lest someday i might find HIM old and useless. And despite all my assurances that things will never come to that because I  love antiques and also have the knack of making good use of seemingly useless things that i fancy, he still tries to cure me of this malady. But this has been a tough nut to crack so far.

So just a word to all the ladies who are about to embark upon this annual task-RELAX. Think of this as an act of pranayam as taught by baba Ramdev- ‘inhale’ ‘exhale’. It will get rid of all impurities of your home and fill it with all things positive. See how spiritual it makes me just thinking about it. It could do the same for you. Try it.


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