It’s raining. A beautiful weather, but also one that confines you within the house. It’s on days like these that I recall fondly all the indoor games we indulged in like carom, cards, monopoly, ludo and my favorite ’Scrabble’.

Scrabble captured my imagination the first time I ever played the game. It gave me a high creating words out of the letters given that has lasted till date. I still do not give up an opportunity to set up the tiles anytime. Lack of willing company after marriage drove me to pester my poor husband and finally he too succumbed to the magic of Scrabble. My daughter is still a work in progress.

My best Scrabbling years were when I was in college. The administration, in a bid to improve students’ vocabulary, installed two Scrabble boards in the wide corridor right outside the chemistry lab. They were thus made easily accessible to us, the science students, and less for the others. The fumes and smells emanating from the lab did their bit in keeping some prospective enthusiasts away. We were 8 of us friends, mad about Scrabble, and we ruled the two boards without any rivals vying to seek positions at the boards. A game would start typically in the morning and carried out throughout the day with us playing in between classes, during a free period, recess or even during a lab session when a player at a time would go out and play her turn and then be back to mixing chemicals. We christened ourselves as ‘Scrabble Champions’ as we reckoned that no one could beat us.

Scrabble brought out the creative best in all of us, coz when stuck with difficult letters we coined some of the most creative words, that I’m sure even Shakespeare would have been proud of, with equally creative meanings. I wish I had saved those words. They would have certainly enriched the English language in a much better way than the way the ‘lingo’ is going these days.

Now I find Scrabble in cyberspace too but that would never give me the thrill of playing with real opponents sitting across you. You trying to read their minds or willing them not to use the space you want to use in your next turn or leaning over for a peek-a-boo at their tiles, the suspense as you pull out the tiles praying you get the ones that will enable you to make a word using all seven  or get that ‘triple word’ score, or the simple fun that goes in sharing time with the people you love.

So today, as it rains outside, I gently cajole my daughter to leave her computer and join me for a round of fun-filled magic that’s ‘Scrabble’. I know I’ll win one day.


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