An encounter of another kind

The alarm goes off. Its 5.45am. Time to get up and prepare breakfast and lunch-box for my daughter. I walk sleepily towards the kitchen, wishing I could sleep for a few minutes more, and switch on the kitchen light. Immediately my eyes are drawn to a creature (the creepy slithery type)resting comfortably on my kitchen counter as if it owned the place. It looked at me with a bored expression and seemed a tad bit annoyed for disturbing its slumber. I, meanwhile, was petrified with terror.  My mind raced to find ways to get rid of it from my kitchen. All my shooing and wild hand flailing came to a naught. It continued to stare at me, a bit more defiantly now, as if daring me to make it budge from its place.  The time was running out so I decided to deploy a weapon. Found a rod in the store and tried to make it move, standing as far away as possible. But alas! It just simply slithered beyond my reach. My courage failing me I tried to think up a back up plan but my mind had simply logged out and refused to reboot. I was now on the verge of panic and realized I had no choice but to wake up my knight in sleeping pajamas (you don’t expect the shining armor at that time of the day, do you?)to rescue me from my plight.

I stepped slowly into the bed-chambers where he lay slumbereth and tapped him gingerly on the shoulder. He awoke and on hearing my dilemma immediately agreed to come to my rescue. He took the rod from me and boldly went into the territory forcibly occupied by the terrorist.

His presence itself had a remarkable effect and it was now the creature’s turn to beat the retreat. It slithered further back trying to take shelter behind the pitcher but after some smart moves and taps on the counter by my knight it soon realized that the battle was lost. He was no match for my brave heart and surrendering, it crept out of the door leaving me free to take the control of my territory back. My knight, meanwhile, went back to snug warmth of the bed and was soon snoring away. After all it was a rest well deserved.

I tell this story because this act of bravery and courage, in the face of an enemy that so terrorized his damsel, should go down the pages of history as a battle well fought and won.


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