Ode to the ‘Bai’

The hour is approaching. The wait is about to be over. She waits, painfully aware of every passing moment. The hours never seemed so long. She paces the floor, an eye on the watch.

The whispers of the wind, the creaking of the twigs on the pathway, the tick-tocking of the clock, all senses fine tuned to any signal of approach of the awaited one.

She never felt this way before. The quickening of the pulse, the flutter of eye-lashes, the shiver down the spine, the heaving of the bosom- not felt even when she first met and fell in love with the man who recently became her husband and together they stepped on to a journey of matrimonial bliss. All seemed as picture perfect as riding into the sunset or a fairy tale where it was supposed to be ‘happily ever after’.

But then… times changed. She didn’t realize when she changed.  This pining for a person other than her beloved was something very difficult to deal with. She can’t seem to remember when she last felt this joy at her hubby’s homecoming as she does for this new person in her life; a life which now seems to depend solely on this person.

The bell rings! Ah! What a beautiful sound. She rushes, with a smile on her lips and a song in her heart. Her feet take on wings as she flies to open the door. It’s her! It’s her! Without whom she would surely die.

For it was none other but her ‘BAI’.


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